this is icarus.
According to Greek Mythology, Icarus was the son of the brilliant architect Daedalus.  As the story goes, Daedalus and Icarus were exiled by King Minos on the island of Crete.  Daedalus hatched an escape plan which involved flying from the island on wings built out of wax and seagull feathers.  Before setting out on their flight, however, Daedalus warned his son not to fly too low, where the sea spray could bog down his wings, nor too high, where the heat of the sun could melt the wax that held them together.  But Icarus, too thrilled by the freedom of flight to heed his father's words, flew higher and higher, until his wings came apart, and he plunged to his death before his father could save him.  God, what a depressing story. 
In the beginning, there was a pathetic little Under Construction Geocities webpage called Icarus Falls.  It had a cheap blue sky background (the exact same one you're looking at now, as a matter of fact), and no actual content.  I, the page's creator, decided that it needed some added glitz.  For an anime art page with a name like Icarus Falls, it seemed logical to have a cute little super-deformed Icarus on there somewhere.  So I drew a little blue-eyed blonde-haired kid, more chibi than SD really, wearing a poofy  greenish diaper-looking thing, big strappy sandals, and a pair of feathery wings strapped to his back.  Just sort of sitting there with a cute blank expression on his face. Once I had him up on the page, it seemed only natural to appoint him as Official Page Mascot.  Now he is probably the most popular attraction on my page.
Icarus is a curious little guy, and full of energy, as kids tend to be.  He can be kinda bratty at times, but he's a good kid, really.  He doesn't talk much, though; I guess he's kind of shy.  If he really is the Icarus of legend, he won't tell me how it is that he's here now (read: ALIVE).  But as long as he carries out his mascotly duties (namely, standing around looking cute) who am I to ask questions?  ^_^

icarus art.

I guess you could call this 'Official Art'.
ICA_4K-THANKS.JPG --- My commemorative image when Icarus Falls reached 4,000 hits. Julie Bihn remarked to me before that Icarus always looked so sad.  I never really thought of him as sad, just sort of... sober.  Still, it's always a good idea to smile once in a while, so I drew him looking a little more chipper.  ^_^
ICA_GALLERY.JPG --- A larger version of the graphic on the gallery page, which has Icarus looking at a detail from Herbert Draper's Lament for Icarus, which I took from this page and used with absolutely no permission.  But it's not such a terrible thing, 'cause it's, uhh... a parody, or something...  Forget it. Don't follow my example, kids; I'm no good, see?
ICA_SIT.JPG --- A larger version of the frontpage graphic.
ICA_NEW.JPG --- The larger version of the pic above; pretty much the debut of his 'new look'.  I got a little tired of the 'poofy green diaper' look; it seemed a little too cupid-y (though I liked his old sandals).  The new outfit is... 'harder', I guess, and more Roman.  That holding-his-wrist pose looks straight out of Evangelion, doesn't it?  Maybe I should draw a Plug-Suit Icarus.  ^_^
ICA_STAND.JPG --- This one was on the title graphic for the previous Icarus Falls.  I like his pose.
STUMBLE.GIF --- A cute little graphic I did for the previous, previous -- that is, the original Icarus Falls.
LILICARUS.JPG --- The abovementioned first webpage graphic of Little Icarus. 
ICA_FALL.GIF --- The very first drawing I ever did of Icarus, for a school assignment.  He's bigger here, though.  I spent ages detailing the feathers.

I guess you could call this 'Fan Art'.
BY NIEGROW -- (homepage: Nova Software) -- Icarus shows off his wingspan!  This is done in a really cute style. ^_^
BY ELAINE FAIR (2) -- (homepage: Elaine's Passions) -- ...Arg!  So cute ;_;  Note the rosy cheeks...
BY ELAINE FAIR -- (homepage: Elaine's Passions) -- Waaahhh... ;_;  One of my favorite artists drew me an Icarus!  And a bishonen Icarus, at that!  Aren't his wings and clothes super?  I'm almost tempted to bring back Icarus' old sandals.  ^-^
BY KENDRA -- (homepage: KSC) -- I love this pic.  Look out!  He's gotta sword!
BY JULIE BIHN -- (homepage: Julie's Web Page o' Fun!) -- He's got a kitty cat!!! *^-^*
BY MIKKYJU -- (homepage: Blue World) -- An older, somewhat more realistic take on Icarus.  I like it.
BY FRANCIS AGUILA -- (homepage: Thursday Corner of the Night Sky) -- A cute sketch.  I like his pose here, he looks really bored.  ^_^
BY RIO HATSUBARA -- (homepage: Super Otaku Girl) -- The first fanart I ever received. ^_^  Tiny but cute, just like Icarus himself.
I will always welcome other artists to contribute their own rendition of Icarus.  One of the cool things about being a mascot is that you can do and wear pretty much anything.  Therefore, feel free to draw him whatever age and in whatever outfit you wish.  The wings are just strap-ons, so he could theoretically take them off... but it would be nice to maintain some form of the 'wings' theme on his outfit somewhere.  Oh heck, draw whatever you want.  Just, um... no hentai, please.  Not that you were going to draw any, anyway. 

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